Get your copy of the song by clicking on the image !

Get your copy of the song by clicking on the image !

AshaJeevan's new EDM Single 'BURN' is out now on iTunes,Spotify,Saavn n more !

My new EDM single BURN is now available of all major platforms like Apple iTunes, Spotify, Saavn n more.

Take a moment to listen to the track. It's fire ! 

Stream/Free Download BURN :

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AshaJeevan's debut EDM Single - 'S.E.E.D' on 13th Oct,2017 ! 

One down from the bucket list !

The love for Electronic Dance Music grew inside me not so long ago. And as a matter of excitement & love, I decided to make my own independent track in the beginning of 2016. There were few things on my mind which I was very particular about how the track should sound like in the end. 
One such thing was, I wanted my track to have a touch of my native land, 'Kerala' in it. Another thing was the track should sound fresh to my ears every single time when I listen to it. It has to have that evergreen touch to it, at least for myself. 

Thing's escalated quickly. I made the track. Right from making the track to mixing & mastering by myself, every single thing was done at my bedroom home studio. Because I wanted that way. 

Now it's almost the end of 2017. And all these months, I waited and waited, just to make sure that it isn't a trash and made sure it is something that I can share it with the world. On 13th October 2017, if everything goes well, it will be out on all the major worldwide audio streaming/downloading platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon, Pandora, Saavn etc.  

It's the first step, the inception towards a big dream.  

Thus, the name S.E.E.D ! :)