AshaJeevan Mix n' Master

I can help you with Mixing n' Mastering services for your Single, EP or Album irrespective of what genre it is. I just love the whole process involved in making music. I'll strive my best to bring out the best of your production to make it commercially viable. I would be happy if I could have minimum of one week to work on a track, though 2-4 days would do the job as well. Feel free to ping me up & I will get back to you at the earliest. Cheers ! :)

For Mixing : Please send recorded ".wav" or ".aiff" files in a .zip or .rar archive. 
Files clearly labelled (kick/snare/guitar/vocals..etc) 

For Mastering : Please send ".wav" or ".aiff" files in : stereo 44.1/48 24bits preferred. Export your songs without compression or limiting on the master bus. Audio peaking at -3db FS maximum.

Check out my Mix n Mastering of a Hip Hop Track called Vintage by Pablo Villatoro (David Glenn Bundle)

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